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About Varied / Hobbyist Will NugrohoNew Zealand Groups :iconerinshawrespite: ErinshawRespite
Rest your tired feet.
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Will Nugroho
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
New Zealand
Just your average comic, video game, manga and anime-lovin school kid with a hobby for drawing. I enjoy character designing the most but I can do backgrounds and some abstract too.

Here to make new friends, learn new stuff and show off my art to the whole world!

Also, give your support to this guy too! :iconnikejodan:
We are all trying to improve our art skills after all.

P.S. Most of my work are monochrome because I can't colour for my life! Somebody teach me! Traditional art especially.
Maybe some digital art too? (Something that I can use in conjunction with traditional inking)

Or a collab colourist. Anyone interested in working together with me?

Current Residence: On the edge of World's End
Favourite genre of music: Rock and roll and a healthy dose of Asian rock and pop
Favourite style of art: Fun, sketchy and cross-hatchish
Operating System: Windows...number?
MP3 player of choice: iPod
Shell of choice: Oyster in a goldfish bowl
Favourite cartoon character: Samurai Jack, Kamina from Gurren Lagann, Roxas from KH2
Personal Quote: I am a walking virus with shoes, biatch. So don't come near me.
  • Listening to: AKFG (again)
  • Reading: Othello
  • Watching: Binbogami-Ga!, Sword Art Online
  • Playing: Bastion
  • Eating: Ritz Biscuits
  • Drinking: Tea. Lots and lots of tea.
Hi! Just came back. Will probably take off soon again.
Also I got tagged by :iconineyraei: and :iconzerumi:. So I am compelled to do this after a short hiatus.
So here goes:

1. You must post these rules
2. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
3. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
4. Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
5. No tag backs
6. No rubbish in the tagging section about "you are tagged if you're reading this."

I tag: ummm....:icongengachuka::iconkarasutenguproyectos::iconlezardv::iconlea007::iconanimepro465::iconnikejodan::iconmarrilmcblazen::iconsuikenninja::iconraynawang::iconfangdango123:

:iconineyraei:'s questions:

1 - How did you find about deviantArt and what made you join?
A - Newgrounds animators such as :iconkite-ride: and :iconzeurel: eventually led me here from their newgrounds account. I was and is still a big fan of their work. What made me joined? Dunno. Was just a sudden whim after years of stalking.

2 - How do you feel right now?
A - Busy. Very busy.
Must stop procrastinating. Must get work done. Must resist doodling on table and twiddling thumbs with work in front. Must complete economic equity report on bike helmets before deadline. Must. Must. Must. ARRRGGHHHH!!!! :iconasplodeplz:

3 - What was your latest dream you remember about? A small explanation.
A - My latest dream was about bike helmets. I think an explanation will not be necessary.

4 - What is the last thing you ate/drank?
A - I drank scalding hot water from my thermos by accident. I can't feel my tongue or the roof of my mouth right now.

5 - What is on your right hand side right now?
A - My tablet, a pile of A5 sketchbooks, a bunch of unused calender paper for doodling on and 'The Designer's Web Handbook'.

6 - Look outside. How's the weather, what do you see?
A - Dark and rainy and cold. Damn you, winter

7 - What do you think about me as a friend?
A - You're an awesome friend and one of the first friends I made here. Thanks! How goes that temple thing-y?

8 - Are you happy about the latest updates in dA?
A - What updates? Only thing I noticed was everyone's names changed and :iconvalerei: is amazingly bidextrous.

9 - If you could have any superpower, what 2 would you choose?
A - Unlimited focus to ward off procrastination and the ability to make tangible shadow clones of myself to do my work for me so I can draw all day long.

10 - Are you sometimes too lazy to do a tag?
A - Yes. My attention span is small. I have the memory of a goldfish. Oh, hey! Look, it's an ice cream truck! Runs


:iconzerumi:'s questions

1) What is your favourite time of the year?
A - Term breaks. I get to go back north.

2) How old are you?
A - I've just turned 18! Now I can drink and drive! (but not simultaneously of course)

3) What kind of socks you wear right now?
A - None.

4) Latest movie you have watched?
A - Amelie, That Adorable French Romantic Comedy.

5) What's against you morale?
A - Lack of focus and goldfish memory.

6) What do think of my username? ( Zerumi )
A - Pretty cool. Why, got a prob with it yourself?

7) How do you like to spend your spare time the best?
A - With the :iconbaka-mangakas: in NZ!

8) Do you like your username? Why? Why not?
A - I am fine with my username. It's not over the top and it's cool. I don't mind being called Fluffeagle and D-Eagle either. By the way, it's a shortened version and broken pronounciation of BLOOD EAGLE Anyone here knows what a Blood Eagle is?

9) Ever seen the DreamWorks movie 'Kite Runner'?
A - Yes. Our English teacher forced us to watch it after making us read the novel. I still say the novel was better. Amir got his arse whooped till he fainted and his lips got scarred the same way as Hassan as a symbol of atonement. Amir in the film just kept walking on after having his head smashed against glass and walls and punched with with brass knuckles, suffering little injuries.

10) Which one, DreamWorks or Disney?
A - Dunno. Hard to choose. Although if forced at gunpoint. I'd go with Disney. They don't milk their franchises COD style like Dreamworks (poor Shrek)


And now for my questions! *confetti!!!*:

1. What was your favourite animated film? (3d or 2d, Western or Eastern, I really don't give a fudge)

2. Any favourite games? Like Monopoly, Tag, Calvinball or Call of Duty?

3. If you read comics or manga? What's your fave? (Western or Eastern, manga or graphic novel, I really don't give a fudge)

4. What are you currently munching on or sipping on right now? Like right damn now. If you aren't. Just answer 'oxygen'.

5. What is your drawing weapon of choice?

6. How's your life right now?

7. Any favourite TV series or miniseries? (Anime counts too!)

8. What are you drawing right now or thinking of drawing right now?

9. Where'd you learn how to draw, do or learned to love art (modern art, digital painting, comics, literature, photography, etc.) (or do or appreciate art stuff)

10. This is SO cliche What's your...favourite colour? :icontrollfaceplz:


If you did answer to this. Would you kindly show me? Like pretty please? With the heads of your enemies on top of a delicious ice cream please? :3


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